Our Team

Barry D. (Managing Director) is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He enjoys watching movies, playing basketball and just spending time outdoors with nature. He was originally from the southern part of the Philippines. He graduated from university on 2004 and he has lived in different countries since then, in countries like the U.A.E., Macau and Singapore before settling down in Australia in 2013.   Email: barry@couplestuffs.com

Belle D. (Marketing Manager) is a hotelier by profession and had worked for some of the world's leading 5 star hotels. She loves traveling and had been to New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska, Japan and many others. She is a dedicated customer service professional who has a great eye for detail and a keen passion for excellence. Belle is just happy fulfilling her marketing duties for CoupleStuffs.com. Email: belle@couplestuffs.com