Steps in Promoting Couple Stuffs Products on Facebook

Here are the steps in making your first promotion on Facebook:

1. Choose any product on our website:

2. Click any product and copy the web address of the product (URL) located in the browsers. 


3. Copy the above URL and post on Facebook. Once the thumbnail link appears, delete the link and write a personal message to your friends relatives regarding the product. You can use English as well as your own language to attract a specific group of customers.

4. Don't forget to put at the last part: "Please contact or message me if you have any inquiry".

Example: "For sale couple shoes for men & women available at Please contact me (YOUR NAME) if you have any inquiry".

5. Post your promotion and wait for audience to respond. Record all names that inquired to you so you can trace later on for sales commission if they order.

6. If they contact you with questions, just forward to us by email:

7. Make sure you inform customer to choose your name as the Sales Partner Who Helped You when they checkout.

8. That's it!

Again welcome and please don't hesitate to message us if you have questions.