Social Media Marketing Project

Good day ladies & gentlemen, welcome to our social media marketing project.

If you haven't done yet, please login to your affiliate login account: 

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As you have already read on the project details of the contract, this is a 30-day project wherein you are required to post at least 5 product (from different collections) promotions on your Facebook account everyday using your own referral link generated by your affiliate account.

If you haven't learned how to do it yet, please watch the video below:


So in fine print this is how the project looks like:

  • At least 5 Facebook posts per day promoting 5 products from different collections 
  • 30 day period so total 150 Facebook posts for this contract
  • Aside from the Upwork payment for the contract, you can also earn unlimited affiliate commission of 5% for every sale generated from your posts.
  • The commission is paid thru Paypal so I advice you to open an account if you haven't yet. Click HERE to signup for Paypal.
  • After the project is ended, you can either continue promoting the products and still earn commission.
  • When posting, delete the referral link that you pasted on Facebook post box and change the texts with something catchy, interesting and engaging.
  • Tag your friends who you know might be interested in the product (preferably couples or those in relationships).
  • Ask your friends to share your posts to help you promote the products.
  • Schedule your posts in a way that they do not flood your timeline all at the same time. Ideally 1 post in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and then 2 in the evenings. (you can choose your own schedule that works best for you).

Thanks everyone and again, welcome!

Barry Duremdes, Founder & CEO of