Affiliate Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Affiliate Program:
1. Is it Free?
YES, Membership is absolutely FREE! The only cost is your own internet connection and any marketing costs that you may incur promoting our products and (your) affiliate links to our store to earn commissions.
2. How do I get Paid?
We send commissions every end of the month thru PayPal. Please make sure you have your own account at PayPal to receive payment commissions.
3. Is it easy to Earn commission?
Well, this all depends on the amount of effort you put into this (your) business. Although it is easy to register, setup and start promoting your affiliate links to generate sales and earn commission, it is still up to YOU to determine the outcome of your success with our Affiliate Program. This business is a numbers game, the more promotions you make, the more chances of someone seeing your post and buying something from our store. So hustle of boys and girls, hoorrah!
4. Is there a training program for an Affiliate?
YES we do have video tutorials and How-to materials but we also have determined that the best way to learn is by direct mentoring, which is available at our closed Facebook group:
Barry (CoupleStuffs founder and CEO) is always available online in that Facebook group page where you can post questions and discuss it with other affiliates as well.
5. Will the commission rates increase?
ABSOLUTELY YES! Show us your level of hard work and dedication and WE'LL SHOW YOU THE MONEY!