How to Create The Perfect Couple Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Rosalind Koh

I used to be sceptical of people who are keen of the idea of wearing matching clothes whenever I see a bunch of those cringe-worthy Instagram photos. What’s even worse, most couples who try too hard to match their outfits and end up looking like they didn’t even try at all. Complete disaster.

While this endeavour in matching outfits may seem daunting, all that effort will pay off if you do a damn good job. Enjoy a couple more likes, shares and admiration from all the singles out there!

Here at CoupleStuffs, we’ve picked out the best tips and recommendation to help you rock in those couple outfits. 

Ready to create that perfect couple OOTD? Here's how:

Tip 1: Start communicating with your partner

Take some time to discuss the social event that you plan on attending. Are you going on a date night? Are you going to a musical? Maybe you have been invited to a wedding dinner or even a cocktail party. Think through the scenario and make sure that the both of you can agree on the formality required. Is it formal, semi-formal or casual?

 Tip 2: Match your accessories

One way to match couple outfits is to take the “bottom to top” approach. It makes it much easier to start with the accessories to pull the couple look together. Of course, I am not suggesting those accessories are identical to one another. E.g. Red heels and red shoes (That would be weird)

Tip 3: Match outfits with taste

You need to find a perfect balance to work out that couple look. Remember the denim wear on Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears? It was simply a bad decision in my most humble (and fair) opinion. Most couples think that matching outfits need to look exactly the same. Remember, you want to look good as a couple, not identical twins.

Jeans on jeans by Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake which was actually worn more than 15 years ago! Nail or fail, you be the judge.

Not a cloud of doubt on this one. Brad and Angelina absolutely are on top of their game when it comes to matching couple outfits. They just seem to effortlessly nail it, every single time!

 Tip 4: Mix and Match Colours

Everyone has a favourite colour. Agree on specific colours and incorporate them into your couple look. The guy who discovered the laws of motion also left a gift for anyone struggling to get dressed in the morning: the colour wheel. Chances are, the patterned items in your closet have a built-in split-complementary or analogous scheme. For instance, a print blouse in deep blues and purples gets enlivened with orange handbag and yellow bracelet would complete the look. A pair of smart casual pants in a dark blue colour paired with a classic light blue shirt and a pair of sporty shoes that only feature one orange line on the sole is sufficient. The orange hues are the exact accent colours that makes the couple outfits match beautifully.

Don’t attempt to match everything and go overboard. The trick is to maintain its coherence while bringing out individual personalities.

 There you have it. We hope that you've learned some valuable insights on how to look your best, still standout individually and have that perfect couple matching outfit that compliments both yours and your partner's style.

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