For Unmarried Couples: Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Relationship Ring

Abdullah Haroon

Other than buying matching clothes for your wedding, there is another thing which matters most and that is your relationship ring. This is the most thing you two will buy together so make sure that this ring has all the attributes you want in that. So before choosing a relationship ring, do ask the following questions from yourself.

couple rings

1) What ring color will suits us

couple rings

Do you like pure white or golden yellow? Hey wait, what about rings with colored stone? Well, you will find plenty of options to buy, but you should make sure which metal color will suit both of you. And make a choice before you hit a shopping store.

2) Do we want customization

couple ring

Do you want simple and plain ring? Or you want to change it according to your requirements? But more customization means more money so make sure you have enough money to make all the changes to your relationship ring.

3) What is our budget

As discussed above, plan your ring according to your budget. If you spare money to spend on it, go for a diamond ring and if not buy a gold one. Before spending, one thing to keep in mind is the no of days both of you will wear that ring.

4) What about matching rings

Couple ring

This is the most important question both of you should discuss. What if your partner go crazy for a yellow ring and you are already make up your mind for a white one? So decide whether you want matching or not. Matching rings are not necessary, but if still you want to look alike, you can do it by wearing matching clothes.

5) What would we consider too elusive

Choose your ring according to your work. For example, if you are a musician or play piano, go for a slim ring which will look diligent in your finger. If your work is related to machinery, choose a solid metal ring and if your works is really hard and active go for platinum which is very durable in tough conditions.

That's it, you have just read out some possible questions each couple should ask themselves before buying their relationship ring. I hope that this guideline will prove helpful for you to choose the perfect ring for your engagement/wedding.

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