Couple Matching Fashion Trends of 2016: What’s HOT and What’s NOT

Rosalind Koh

The High School You look

High School Couple Sweatshirt

Verdict: HOT

Yes, the sweatshirt is cool again. Cool in a way that you wished it was back in high school when you wore one every day. It avoids street-style peacocking while still being downright photogenic.

Pattern On Pattern look

Pattern Prints Couple Sweatshirt

Verdict: HOT

Whether you go for matching pattern at top and bottom or two colour-complementary exploded prints, keep your accessories solid coloured and let the print speak for itself.

Double Denim Look

Double Denim Couple Look

Verdict: NOT

There is too much Denim going on here. I’m sure none of you want to look like you just stepped straight out of the 80’s or 90’s.

Pyjamas By The Day look

Pyjamas Couple Look

Verdict: HOT

Inspired by the louche loungewear of the Twenties and Coco Chanel, wearing one's pyjamas in the daytime has become a recent street-style trend.

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