AWESOME: Wife sends her husband special wedding anniversary greetings from all around the world!

Anne F.


Couples nowadays try to celebrate their anniversaries with lots of creativity and uniqueness to be able to stand out and make each other feel a bit more special.

Jansen, a young wife from Maryland USA, took awesomeness (and sweetness) level to new heights by making this beautiful message for her husband John, with the help of their friends all over the world.

The original message reads:

To make it extra special, Jansen asked her friends all over the world to take photos of their local place with the same message and with the location written on it.

The result was a collection of awesome photos of the same anniversary greeting that spanned all across the globe! 

From the City of Love, Paris..


To the outskirts of Singapore...


In the scorching hot cities of the Middle East..


As well as the cold corners in Europe..


Greetings from the Land Down Under..


To even further south...


Of course, greetings from Jansen's home country The Philippines..


And from the USA..


'Aishite Imasu' John..


'Saranghae' Jansen...


Photo credits to all respective photo owners.
Used with permission by: J.Burke


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