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“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life." Psalm 143:8

The Couple of the Month for September 2017 is Macky and Yeng. Yeng is an English teacher in Thailand while Macky is a medical worker in Singapore. Their hometown is Bacolod City, Philippines and they both are Christian. Their love story started with a text back in 2007.

 “We’ve been together for 9 years already and we praise the Lord with that,” Yeng says as she started to tell how their love story started. They met thru her aunt, her father’s sister,  who also happened to be Macky’s classmate. She asked Yeng if she wants a textmate and Yeng agreed.

Macky said that it all started with a text. Somebody out of the blue, named Maryelle, texted him and asked if he can be her textmate. He agreed and it started there.

They both admit that they were not consistent when they first started texting. Sometimes, they only get to text each other 3 or 4 times a week and then they would text again after three months. They even didn’t expect it that it will blossom into a relationship.

Since they haven’t met each other eye to eye for a year, Macky asked Yeng’s aunt to hook them up on a blind date.

To start the blind date, Yeng’s aunt messaged her to accompany her because she wants to buy something at the mall. Little did Yeng know that she was meeting Macky on that day. She had no idea. While Yeng was reading a book at National Bookstore, somebody who is also reading a book stood beside her. Yeng thought that he smells really good and it made her look at him and she was surprised to see Macky. She didn’t know what to feel that time because she was concerned on how does she look. She was not prepared for their meetup.

Macky admitted that he was very scared that day because he is not used in meeting up with people. It is actually a funny thing that on their first meet up, Yeng slapped her with a book. Then, Macky started to introduce himself.

Before their wedding, Yeng had a message for Macky: “I just hope when we got married, you continue to be that man who knows how to stand. Continue to be loving and just continue to be a friend because that’s what I love about our relationship. Because you’re very casual. We can talk about each other anything under the sun. Continue to seek the lord cause I believe if the man seeks the Lord first, everything else will follow”

Macky also has a message for Yeng: “What I pray or hope for us even though we got married and become husband and wife is that still be yourself. Be the happy cheerful Yeng that I know and love. And always be fearful and seek the Lord always. I hope you learn to cook”

How their relationship started might be a bit cliche to some of us but what matters is that they were able to build a strong relationship and that they really love each other. They got married July 1, 2017, and they are now happily living together as husband and wife in Singapore.

You can watch #MYforever's Love Story below:


Article by Elaine Dogelio

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