How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work - Millennial Style!

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Meet our Couple of the Month for April 2017 - Brylle & Nerry.


Hello we are Brylle and Nerry. We're in a long distance relationship for more than 2 years now. I'm currently here in Australia and Nerry lives in Canada.

This is how we celebrate our anniversary...

This was when we met after 2 years of living (but loving!) away from each other..

This is how we celebrate birthdays.. 


So how and where did you meet?

In 2013, when we were still in the Philippines, we joined a performing club in our school.

I didn't really know her that much. I would say that we were more acquaintances than friends.

Actually, we rarely see each other because she was a singer and I was with the dance troupe.

We practiced in different studios and never really had the chance to interact.

How did the relationship start?

When I graduated in 2014, she continued studying and I moved on. I started working in Manila, then in the northern part of the Philippines.

There was no way of communication nor a reason to communicate. No shared contact numbers, no shared e-mail addresses, no same circle of friends. She was not part of my life; neither was I in hers.

On 7th September 2015, Facebook suggested her to be my friend. (Thanks, Mr. Zuckerberg!) 

I checked her profile and realised she looked so familiar.

Mutual friends (check!), same school (check!), Friend request sent. Friend request accepted. Viola!

I sent a message to thank her for accepting my friend request. I asked her if we have met before because her face looked familiar and we have mutual friends. Then it all began.

That was how we "reconnected"-- virtually, chatting every once in a while.

On 10th September 2015, only three days after I “met” her, I got accepted to study in Australia and started preparing my papers so I was a little busy. Little did I know, she was also preparing to migrate to Canada with her family.

Our exchange of messages became a part of my daily routine. At some point, I felt the potential of where our connection might lead to. I have heard how hard long distance relationships are and because I did not want to put myself in such difficult situation, I decided to avoid her. I messaged her not as much and thought of her less often. I distanced myself from her.

But, avoiding her just did the complete opposite. It only made my feelings grow stronger. 

That’s when we decided to talk things over. We were both apprehensive and doubtful if we can make it. We also did not want to hurt each other. So, we just decided to remain friends.

I continued to distance myself from her. Something felt wrong for trying to hold back my feelings for her. I was torn between convincing myself to be contented with just friendship or gamble for something greater for us. 

All our conversations were only through online messaging. She lives 4 hours away from me and it was the only way to contact her. I believe it was not an unfortunate situation but a test for me. For us.

We set up a date (3rd October 2015) to finally meet up, in person, to clear things out once and for all. But due to some unforeseen reasons, we had to reschedule.

FIRST: Finally, on 17th October, more than month after we “reconnected… physically… at last…

It was love at first sight.

It felt like the world stopped.

I found myself staring blankly at her.

I was stunned by her beauty.

 The plan did not go as we expected and became an instant adventure because of a strong typhoon. Hashtag #Divine Intervention.

Even if everything went beyond our control, I cannot ignore the fact of how happy I was with her. I realised that moment comes only a once in a lifetime. So, I took courage, and instantly made a bet.

 On 28th October 2015, I asked her to be my girlfriend.

She said… YES! (YES!!!)

The best gamble of my life.

 SECOND: 28th November 2015—first date as a couple

 It was a day to celebrate our first month but I knew we also had to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. In a month or so, I will be leaving for Australia.


THIRD: 6th December 2015— 3-day holiday trip as a couple

 We both knew what was coming. So, we made every second of this trip count. YOLO. Carpe Diem. Living life to the fullest. Whatever they want to call it. But we collected a much memories as we could while we can.

 FOURTH: 17th January 17 2016-- I flew to Australia.

 On 4th May 2016, she and her family moved to Canada.

 The distance became longer. The time difference, bigger. 

 The great LDR journey began..

We continued with our relationship while miles and miles away from each other. Daily video chat, phone calls that would last hours, unlimited messenger chats until one of us (most of the time me) falls asleep.

The time difference made between Canada and Australia made it harder for us. But instead of it being an added burden, we used it as an opportunity to rather manage our time better and just prove to ourselves that our time together, be it phone call, video chat or just anything to communicate WAS A PRIORITY.

We stayed like that for almost 2 years...

Then, on March 16, 2017

She flew to Sydney for a vacation and we got together!

 It was so amazing the time we spent here in Australia.

Her Australia trip was a gift for our relationship. It was a chance to renew our vows. It was an opportunity to strengthen our commitment after more than a year of not seeing each other.

But, how I wish we can extend it a bit more
But we can't. We just can't. For now.

Below is the video at the airport when Nerry had to go back to Canada and we're officially on LDR again (tissues please).

So, as members of the generation of the millennials, how do you make your long distance relationship work?

  1. Primarily, our trust in God has better plans for us. Having God at the centre of our relationship makes us realise that we are here for a purpose, that we should share the love given to us and always to follow His commandments. Our faith in God also makes us stronger because we know that God chose us for each other and we long for the day that we can stand up together hand in hand in front of the altar and say our vows to one another.

  1. FAITHFULNESS & HONESTY. (Yes, all caps!). This is so obvious, distance make the heart grow fonder but not being able to hold and touch the person you love is SO HARD! Being far away from one another also brings out the best (and sometimes, worse) among people that is why a full, genuine and unblemished trust must be given to the other person and this must be cherished, taken care of and protected. A broken trust would spell doom for the relationship. Full stop.

  1. Support from our loved ones. To make an LDR work, you got to have strong support group of family and friends who will be there for you during the hard days. You should always have that group of people who you know cares for you and your partner's relationship, no matter how hard, no matter the distance. Be genuinely honest to one another, telling each other what exactly they need to hear, not only what they 'want' to hear. Make everyday a testament of your commitment and dedication to your partner who is miles away by being true to him or her, ALL THE TIME.

  1. Communication. Consistent and constant communication.

I know trust and faith are foundation but those doesn't matter if there will be no communication.

(Inhale exhale) It's tough. I mean our usual day are video calls. When I say video calls, good 2-3 hours of straight video calls. No matter what I'm doing, I'll stop it and answer my phone once she calls me. Our dates are video calls. Our love letters are morning messages.

5. Easy Access to Technology. In this age of social media where millennials like us are almost online most of the day, being in a long distance relationship should be easier as you have all the means to communicate and connect. Why not use it and tell each other, how much you are deeply and undoubtedly in love with one another? Tweet it, snapchat it, facebook message or post it, or like we did, YouTube it! It won't hurt to constantly remind and reassure each other with your love and commitment so what better way to do that, while your apart, than just send it out to the world, millennial style!


Story & Photo/Video Credits to: Brylle Miranda

© 2017


  • Julie

    Hopefully we can keep our love for the love we had kua..
    I’m also LDR again now and it is so hard for us.. But we need it bcz we not same netizen ?
    I’m from Indonesia and he from Philippine also like u.. Now we are far away again for each other, from Kuala Lumpur to Philippine :(
    Just hope we can be together again each other and not seperated again for the rest of our life..
    I’m also pray for u if u can be together with ur gf kua till the happy ending in the church, Amen ??
    God bless kua and ate..
    Proud to both of u ??

  • Athena m Pidlaoan

    That is a nice story that everybody can be an inspiration, in the sense that not because you are far away you are not capable to show your love faithfully to your love ones. God is always every where , trust God always to bless your relationship .

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